Dozens of Vanguard Sailboats Racing on West Sound -- Orcas, Washington

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San Juan County, Washington
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Sail Orcas Keel Boat Fleet

Sail Orcas has been kindly gifted a small fleet of keel boats, comprising two Cal 20 sloops, which are made available to adult members who have a demonstrated sailing ability, and have signed our Hold Harmless Agreement. The boats are available on a first call/first serve basis. The boats are also used for adult lessons and although the instructors/classes have priority in the use of the boats there is ample opportunity for members to take the boats out on West Sound for a pleasant day sail. The boats are moored at West Sound Marina at the end of the fuel dock. Boats are available in the water from mid-May through mid-October after reservations made at the Sail Orcas website.

Prerequisites for Keel Boat Use

Sail Orcas’ adult keel boat program is limited to members 18 years and older. Access to the boats is provided to new sailors who have completed our training program, and experienced sailors who have been prequalified by one of our adult program instructors. Members of Sail Orcas are welcome to have guests on board with them. Members may not “loan” their membership privileges to others. A Sail Orcas Member must be on board and in the skipper role at all times. As a condition of use we ask that you have signed our Hold Harmless Agreement which can be done on-line when you reserve the boat. The adult program does not include access to the teen’s racing fleet of Vanguard 15’s, dinghies or power boats used for race support.


Sail Orcas has an online reservation system. To secure access to a Sail Orcas boat, members must make advanced reservations. Reservations are made via the Sail Orcas website. Members may not use boats without a reservation. One of the two Cal 20s is reserved for our adult members and one is reserved for our sailing lesson classes. If on any given morning the Cal 20 set asided for sailing lessons is not reserved for that purpose it may be reserved by the adult members for sailing that day. Our adult sailing classes which are offered throughout June and July do have priority scheduling, but typically use only one of the boats, and their time will be scheduled in the online calendar.

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