Hold Harmless Agreement


Sail Orcas allows qualified Sail Orcas Members and students in the company of a Sail Orcas instructor to use boats owned by Sail Orcas under specific conditions and restrictions as outlined in the Member's Handbook. Such use comes without any actual or implied warrantee or guarantee of equipment condition beyond that stated in the Members Handbook.

As a prospective user of Sail Orcas boats I hereby acknowledge my acceptance that sailing may include some inherent physical risks. If I am taking a Sail Orcas boat without an instructor aboard, I also represent that I am qualified to use the boat and that I will accept full responsibility to determine if the boat, it's equipment, and the conditions are suitable for boating on the occasion that I will be using them and that if I take guests or family along I will accept full responsibility for their safety and well being.

In consideration of Sail Orcas agreeing to allow me the undersigned and my family members or guests to use Sail Orcas boats, I hereby agree that I will waive and release any and all claims for loss, injury, costs, or loss of life which may occur as a consequence of using Sail Orcas equipment and to release, hold harmless and indemnify Sail Orcas, its board members, and it instructors from any such claims. This agreement is binding as to any other persons, including family members, heirs, and executors.

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